Hello everyone! My name is Will and I am currently studying for an MA in English Literature at Cardiff University.  As part of my postgraduate degree I have chosen a Project Management and Advanced Research module in which we have to create a portfolio project which is focused on the print and digital culture.  For my research project I am looking to integrate my interest in contemporary literature with off the shelf digital software to create a visual mapping of the thematic elements within a novel.

The primary reason for creating this blog and project is to showcase my ideas about contemporary literature in an alternative manner from the traditional academic essay. This will hopefully allow my project to be accessible for everyone who is interested in contemporary literature not just academics and scholars. The task I am going to grapple with over the next few months is how do I take the textual thematic elements of a novel and transform them into a visual presentation?

On my website there are three key areas: the project, the journal and the blog. The Project will be posts which follow my progress through this print to digital process, which will consist of text, image and videos. The Journal is going to consist of the issues and successes I have faced or will face with my project and how they relate to the set seminar reading. The Blog is going to be focused on the reading from the seminars and how the different texts are shaping my ideas and thoughts about the print and digital cultures. The About section on my website is a small interesting section about me and other aspects of my life outside studying literature. The final section is the Contact section which will provide you with my contact details if you should need to talk to me about anything regarding my website or project.

Hopefully you enjoy seeing my project transform from the initial stages of an idea to a fully functioning visual mapping of a contemporary literature.