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Project and Research Management Journal Entry Two

SET265 Project Management and Advanced Research

Research Project Journal Entry Two

Date: 23/02/2017

Student’s name: Will Humphrey

Title of project: A Visual Mapping of a Contemporary Novel

Period covered by this form: Contemporary Literature

Aims and Objectives for the project:

  • Create a visual map of a contemporary novel using off-the-shelf digital software.
  • Create a project which combines visual presentation, literary texts and the digital humanities.
  • To showcase my analysis of a literary text such as a novel in a different format from the academic essay.
  • I want to create project which will be able to be sustained and used after my project has finished.

Specific tasks and goals for the period covered:

  • Create a visual mapping of the events, thematic elements and episodes from a novel.
  • Make it open for the public to able to contribute additional information or tags.
  • Create a project which is accessible and understandable for anyone not just literature academics and scholars.

Were targets met? If not, please provide details:

  • Not yet as I am still in the research stages of discovering a suitable off-the-shelf software to use.
  • Not as yet as like the off-the-shelf software I am still researching a suitable novel to visually map.

Next steps:

  • Research what off-the-shelf software is available and accessible in order to create my project.
  • Research and read a suitable novel which I could visually map out showing the events, episodes and thematic elements.









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