This section of my blog is about my research interests within literature and my other interests outside of English Literature.

I am originally come from the best city on Earth Bristol, yet since my first year of university I have fallen in love with South Wales (despite the rain).  I have recently completed my undergraduate degree in English Literature at Swansea University and chose to continue onto further academic study in order to develop and broaden my knowledge of English Literature. A unique fact about myself is I have a female twin called Cait, yet we are not identical.

My primary research interest is in modern literature and how contemporary issues are portrayed in literature. I wrote an undergraduate dissertation on how dysfunctional parent-child relationships are portrayed in the works of Lionel Shriver and Jeannette Winterson and used John Bowlby’s ‘Attachment Theory’ to support my thesis. In the previous semester I wanted to broaden my knowledge of specific areas of contemporary literature which I had not previously researched which is why I selected the eco-critical and neo-Victorian metatextualties modules.

I am your average Joe. I enjoy playing a variety of sports from football and basketball as well going swimming regularly in order to combat the various unhealthy aspects of university life. In terms of football I support Arsenal and sometimes Cardiff City if they are winning (which is not very often) and I like watching the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. My other interests are listening to new and upcoming indie bands, watching films and documentaries and listening to Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything audiobooks.